APBP Webinars

Bi-State Regional Commission is hosting webinars of the Association of Pedestrians and Bicyle Professionals (APBP) for October and November 2018. Both conferences are 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the Bi-State Regional Commission office, 1504 Third Avenue, Rock Island, IL. 

October 17, 2018 — 10 Years of Safe Routes to School - Where do we go from here?
November 14, 2018 — Conflict Resolution: Good Sidepath Design

Chicago-Quad Cities Passenger Rail

July 25, 2018 – J. Scott Speegle, Passenger Rail & Transit Communications Manager, Illinois Department of Transportation (DOT), reported that the DOT is fully committed to seeing the passenger rail project to completion. The DOT is working with the BNSF (Class I) railroad and Iowa Interstate (IAIS) (Class III) railroad along with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to complete key components of the corridor. To this point, there is $177 million in FRA funds and $45 million in state funds awarded to the project.

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Improving Walkability and Bikability in the Bi-State Region

August 22, 2018 – Bryan Schmid, Senior Planner at Bi-State Regional Commission, described numerous levels of bicycle and pedestrian facilities found in the Bi-State Region. Separated trails, bike lanes, shared lanes, and signed routes provide a continuum of comfort levels to cyclists using the roadway or, in the case of separated trails, designated nonmotorized facilities. Higher levels of separation from vehicular traffic increase the comfort levels and safety of nonmotorized travelers.

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Registration Process Changes in SAM.gov

May 24, 2018 –  Beginning on April 27, 2018, ALL entities renewing or updating their registration at www.SAM.gov will be required to submit an original, signed notarized letter confirming the authorized Entity Administrator associated with the DUNS number before the registration is activated.

As a reminder, the Federal Government will not make an award to an entity until the entity has complied with the requirements to provide a valid DUNS number and maintain an active SAM registration with current information. If the applicant is noncompliant with this requirement at the time of award offer, then Federal Government will determine the applicant is not qualified to receive an award.

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Bi-State's Role in the I-74 Corridor Project

March 22, 2017 – The largest infrastructure project in the Bi-State Region’s history will begin this year due to the persistence and leadership of all those involved.  The Bi-State Regional Commission adopted the Interstate 74 Bridge corridor project as the number one transportation priority in the Bi-State Region in 1998.  Since that time, four long-range transportation plans have been developed by the Bi-State Metropolitan Planning Organization, and the project has continued to be the top priority.  There have been over 14 changes in engineering and planning leadership between the Illinois and Iowa Departments of Transportation and over 20 chief elected official changes on the Transportation Policy Committee since 1998.  With all of these changes, the Bi-State Regional Commission has continued to communicate a unified message of support for the project.

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I-74 Bridge Construction, Update January 2017

January 25, 2017 – The Interstate 74 Bridge Corridor project involves the replacement of the I-74 Bridge and nearly eight miles of corridor improvements.  It has been the number one transportation priority in the Bi-State Region since 1998.  It is in need of reconstruction due to crashes, recurring congestion, and significant maintenance.  The bridge itself is functionally obsolete with no shoulders.  The Iowa-bound span was built in 1935 and the Illinois-bound span in 1959.

New I-74 Bridge rendering with
expanded lanes and shoulders

The Central Section of the I-74 Bridge Corridor project from south of Avenue of the Cities to Middle Road has been value engineered to reduce costs and the construction period from 8 to 3.5 years.  Design plans are complete for the entire central section, which includes the entire Illinois portion of the project.  The Iowa portion of the project north of Middle Road to 53rd Street is 3.5 miles in length and is an independent project.  The design for the North Section started in 2016 and should be completed by 2018.

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