The website is a data repository with current and historic demographic and economic data at various geographic levels for the five-county Bi-State Region, states of Illinois and Iowa and the Nation.  Here you’ll find statistical information about our five-county region as a whole, or learn about individual cities or counties within our Region. offers several levels of data reports including the following:

GreaterQCRegion Profile – A quick glimpse of the four or five most popular statistics that describe the Region as a whole.

Quick Reports – Present a more in-depth view of many different locations across the Region – from cities to counties and from school districts to real estate sales areas – and show many additional data variables – from population to income and from educational attainment to occupied housing units.

Custom Reports – A user can build a report for any location in the data warehouse with hundreds of data variables available.

The website also contains links to important resources in the region such as major health care and higher education facilities, economic development organizations, visitors bureaus, and local city and counties.