June 26, 2013 – Denise Bulat, Executive Director, reviewed the draft FY 2014 Budget as recommended by the Finance and Personnel Committee.

She reported revenues for FY 2014 are projected to be up $168,000 (8.5%) from the current year, primarily attributable to the Rural Jobs Accelerator Grant, use of carryover transportation funds, and additional contracts.
Membership dues for local governments were not increased. It is felt that this recognizes the current fiscal constraints of member governments in the economic situation. Continuation of the merit performance review program, which the projected average is 2.5%, and a 1% annual wage adjustment were approved.

In the 47-year history of Bi-State funding, federal/state funding has gone from over 76% to 59% of the total budget. Membership dues now make up 18% of revenues and contractual revenue provides 15%.
Anyone with questions about the budget or to request a budget document, call Denise Bulat or Donna Moritz at Bi-State (309-793-6300 or 1-888-247-8284).