May 28, 2014 – Denise Bulat, Executive Director, reviewed the status of the draft 2014 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Progress Report.  She provided commissioners a draft of the Opportunities & Threats, Demographics, and Projects Planned/Underway/Completed sections of the report.  Staff members continue with efforts to make the document more graphic to convey data and showcase economic development projects.  Staff is also updating the look of the report by increasing the sophistication of the page design and color schemes.

In reviewing the Opportunities and Threats section, input had been requested from member governments and economic development representatives throughout the region.  There were many recommendations regarding quality of life, housing, infrastructure, and educational attainment in addition to the standard comments


that continue from the previous 2013 Report, such as sequestration, base realignment, and defense cuts.  She stressed the document was a draft and requested input from Commissioners and their staff.  The Projects Planned, Underway, and Completed section of the report is also a draft and the last section to be written because it requires input from members on the status of their infrastructure and economic development projects.  Staff is continuing to contact all members for their updates.

The Demographics section provides more detail on data compared to national averages and trends.  Much work is being done on to the report as a whole to incorporate more information from the entire Bi-State Region.  Commissioners will be asked to approve the 2014 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Progress Report at their June 25th meeting.