July 23, 2014 – American Red Cross representative, Betsy Pratt, provided a summary of the flood relief efforts occurring within the region since the first flooding event beginning June 30, 2014.

The Red Cross identifies its key disaster efforts as: Prepare. Respond. Recover.  On the preparation side, media releases and communications technology assist in providing tools when a disaster strikes.

Regionally, Red Cross responded with its partners by distributing 800 relief items, deploying 80 volunteers, assisting 300 people, housing 17 people over night, and serving more than 530 meals.

In large part, relief was in the Quad Cities Area.  The biggest Red Cross response area this summer was in the Watertown Area in East Moline due to flash flooding. 

The Red Cross Midwest River Region encompasses 28 counties along the Mississippi River with 1.5 million people.  In addition to relief supplies, food, and shelter, Red Cross also assists with emotional support and health services, such as providing eye glasses, access to prescriptions, and other items damaged by flooding or other disasters.  Partnerships were noted as a key aspect of response and recovery through work with other non-profits, local government, and private businesses.

Following the presentation, Commissioners asked questions on prior flooding relief efforts and flood insurance.  It was noted that 40% of the disaster victims do have some form of insurance of those served, but the figure was not specific for flood insurance.