December 17, 2014 – In 2015, Bi-State staff is instituting a member government liaison program.  Our goal is to enhance outreach and understanding of our member needs.  The Bi-State Mission is “to provide a forum for intergovernmental cooperation and serve our members through technical assistance.”

Executive Director, Denise Bulat, often travels the Bi-State Region making presentations on agency services.  She will continue to do this outreach on request.  Added to these services presentations, planning staff have each been assigned a handful of local governments.

From time to time, throughout the year, you’ll get a call from one of our staff “checking in.”  What’s new?  Are there grants your community would like to pursue?  Do you need help with a project?  We will visit a council or board meeting to learn about issues and needs during the year.  Contact may also be related to existing grant activities or projects/programs.

The liaison program will allow Bi-State to introduce you to our staff, many who have been with us for less than four years.  The goal is to serve our members and our Bi-State Mission, so great things can happen in our region.