May 27, 2015 – Denise Bulat, Executive Director, reviewed the draft FY 2016 Budget as recommended by the Finance and Personnel Committee.  She reported revenues for FY 2016 are projected to be down 4.7% from the current year, primarily due to the completion of the Henry County Rural Jobs Accelerator grant.  Dues for Bi-State’s member governments are proposed to increase 2.0 %.  Of member dues, 59.8% of dues go to match federal and state grant funding.  Continuation of the merit performance review program, with a projected average of 2.0%, is recommended along with a 1.5% across the board annual wage adjustment budgeted.  The budget will lay on the table and be considered for approval at the June 24, 2015 Commission meeting.  Anyone with questions or comments about the budget, or to request a budget document, should call Denise Bulat at 309-793-6302 ext. 140 or Donna Moritz at 309-793-6302 ext. 128.