June 22, 2016 – The adoption of the FY2017 budget brings to mind the question of what the first budget looked like in 1966.  During the time period of December 1, 1966 to November 30, 1967, total expenditures were anticipated at $145,130 with $149,382 of income.  Member dues were not broken out by community but administered by county, which included only Rock Island and Scott Counties.  The largest expenditures went to personnel salaries at $71,700 and consulting fees at $29,830.

Comparatively, the FY2017 budget accounts for $2,073,608 in expenditures with $2,005,928 in income.  (Discrepancy in funds is due to $80,423 allocated from the State of Illinois that is on hold due to the state’s budget impasse.)  Major expenditures go to personnel and professional services.  Member dues come from four counties and 43 municipalities.