December 21, 2016 –  Colonel Kenneth Tauke, Rock Island Arsenal (RIA), presented his vision for the future of the installation.  The campaign plan goes out 30 years into 2040, and focus areas include integrating the RIA with the larger Quad Cities community, adapting to a 21st century workforce, improving the quality of life, transforming the functionality of the installation, and focusing on infrastructure and sustainability.

Colonel Tauke said that RIA is the historical and geographic center of the Quad Cities and should be promoted to the community and the rest of the nation as such.  He advocates partnerships with academia on training opportunities as well as cultivation of future workers.  He would like to see expanded school and medical partnerships as well as upgraded housing on the installation.

Additionally, RIA should be transformed to provide space for more manufacturing operations and collaboration with private companies.  Quarters One would be developed into a shared asset with the community.  Transforming RIA would involve maintaining and improving the infrastructure including the hydroelectric dam and utilities.  Sustainability of the installation would demonstrate the Rock Island Arsenal’s importance and viability to the community and the nation.