December 8, 2017 – Bi-State Regional Commission and QC public transit agencies, in partnership with the Iowa Department of Transportation will launch a regional rideshare portal called QC Rideshare.  As a sub-portal of the Iowa state rideshare site, QC Rideshare is specific to the Quad Cities Metro Area and will help champion the Iowa DOT’s mission to “enhance and expand sustainable transportation options for commuters,” support Bi-State’s Clean Air Initiative, and promote eco-friendly public transit efforts.  Commuters from the Iowa and Illinois Quad Cities Metro Area are encouraged to register on the website and “share your ride” to help decrease traffic congestion and also lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The portal provides information on transportation alternatives such as carpooling and public transit as well as walking and biking.  Once a commuter is registered, they can connect with other rideshare users to coordinate their own carpools.  Log your trips and find other users that may have similar travel patterns as yours!  Or look for the transit icon to see which route works best for your commute.  QC Rideshare could be a useful resource to reduce construction-related traffic during the coming years as the new Interstate 74 project nears completion.

These small changes in our travel choices can have a BIG impact!  Carpooling, using transit, walking, or bicycling–just one day a week for a year–can save the typical commuter about $455 in total driving costs and could save your car the wear and tear of nearly 1,200 miles.  The savings really add up!

When you consider that we breathe approximately 3,800 gallons of air per day compared to drinking one gallon of water, it is clearly important to be “Aware of Air.”  Using QC Rideshare could not only save you money every year, but could also help keep our air cleaner.  You can get more information about the portal and local ozone efforts by contacting Bi-State Regional Commission at (309)793-6300 or visiting their website or the QC Transit website.  Remember, “It all adds up to cleaner air.”