December 8, 2017 – A thriving local airport contributes to, and benefits from, a growing economy and prosperous region.  Area employers, small business owners, corporate travel planners, and travel agents all have a significant impact on our airport's vitality.  When more travelers buy and fly local from the Quad City International Airport, the more air carriers consider this region when planning flight, aircraft, and destination expansions.  Our airport is only as good as the amount we use it.  The more we use it, the better it will be for all. 

At their November 28 meeting, the Transportation Policy Committee voted to join the Fly Local Alliance.  In doing so, they agreed to encourage feedback from travelers in the area to help improve experiences at the airport and promote a calculator tool to encourage travelers to "Look Before You Book" when considering a non-local originating flight.  This True-Cost Trip Calculator helps determine if any difference in airfare is truly worth spending valuable time, tolls, and parking by driving elsewhere.  Additionally, the commission will consult with airport representatives annually in order to provide substantive air service perspective that airport officials may use in discussions with airline planners and display the Fly Local Alliance emblem on the Bi-State Regional Commission website.