Project Selection
The Region 9 area (Muscatine County and rural Scott County, Iowa) receives certain federal transportation funds to prioritize and select locally through project selection and programming processes.  The Region 9 Transportation Policy Committee approves project programming for these particular funds.  Examples include Surface Transportation Program (STP), and Transportation Alternatives funding.  The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) outlines various funding sources and how those funds are programmed.  Cross-reference the Regional TIP page of this website for more information.

American Reinvestment and Recovery ActAmerican Reinvestment and Recovery Act 2009: From time to time, there are other federal programs requested to be contained in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). On February 17, 2009, the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) was signed into law. Transportation funds were allocated nationally to the States From Illinois and Iowa, ARRA funds were subsequently suballocated to Region 9 for roadways. Funds were stipulated to follow transportation federal-aid regulations and be placed in the FY09 TIP. Eligible roadway projects are required to be on Federal-Aid route and all highway projects would be let through their respective state, whether a project was sponsored locally or on the state system. Funding to the metro areas are required to be obligated within one year or by March 2010.



Iowa Region 9 ARRA highway allocation: $2,200,631

Region 9 ARRA Amendments and Administrative Modifications Approved 2/26/09

pdf  Bi-State Region 9 DOT Stimulus Projects Approved 2-26-09.pdf (8.26 kB)