August 22, 2018 – Bryan Schmid, Senior Planner at Bi-State Regional Commission, described numerous levels of bicycle and pedestrian facilities found in the Bi-State Region. Separated trails, bike lanes, shared lanes, and signed routes provide a continuum of comfort levels to cyclists using the roadway or, in the case of separated trails, designated nonmotorized facilities. Higher levels of separation from vehicular traffic increase the comfort levels and safety of nonmotorized travelers.

Across the Bi-State Region, member governments are making strides to improve walkability and bikability within their communities and across the region. New or substantially reconstructed facilities can be found in Moline at the new Sylvan Island Bridge; Bettendorf, which completed the Mississippi River Trail; and in Muscatine at Deep Lakes Park and with its connection via the West Side Trail.

Numerous communities are in the development stages of adding new trail facilities. Eldridge will begin construction of its 1st Street Trail, which is a rails-to-trails project extending the Eldridge-Long Grove trail to the south. Moline was recently awarded Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) funding to construct the northern portion of its River-to-River Corridor, which runs roughly parallel to the I-74 corridor.

The cities of LeClaire and Princeton have also begun actively pursuing grant funding to construct their portions of the Mississippi River Trail. Short- and long-range planning efforts have recently been completed in Henry County, and are currently underway in Rock Island County and Muscatine County.

New additions to the website have also been included as part of the Henry County Trails and Greenways Plan update. New trails in Geneseo, Kewanee, and rural Henry County have been added to the interactive website.

The website will expand into Muscatine County with the update to the Muscatine County Trails Plan. Bi-State Regional Commission continues to partner with Be Healthy Quad Cities to market the website and with community trail managers to keep the website up-to-date.