Parks and recreation are important to quality of life in the Bi-State Region.  These public facilities offer opportunities for exercise, recreation and relaxation as components to public health.  The built environment affects health, either positively or negatively.  Healthy community planning examines how we incorporate healthy, positive lifestyle options into our region through facilities, programs, or services.  Community plans that include sidewalks, bicycle paths, parks, and open space provide the foundation for healthier citizens.  Bi-State Regional Commission can assist members with parks and recreation master plans, site concepts and grant applications to expand or enhance park and trails facilities.

Greenway Planning provides area or county-level plans to establish a system of open space corridors, either for active use (trails, scenic byways, etc.) or passive use (wildlife/plant preservation, floodplain management, erosion control, water quality improvement, etc.).

Safe Routes to Schools Planning provides school-level plans to identify barriers and solutions to increase the number of kids who walk or bicycle to a school.

Park and Recreation Planning includes either system or master plans on a community-wide or site plan basis.

Regional Conservation Directory is a directory of federal and state environmental, conservation and natural resource agencies and includes various citizen advocacy references. Available for purchase. General Technical Assistance and Special Studies.

Other Healthy Initiatives include partnering with the Quad City Health Initiative for Be Healthy QC to create a culture of wellness that supports healthy eating and active living.  The goal is to increase the percentage of adults and children who are at a healthy weight through worksite wellness programs/policies, comprehensive school wellness policies, nutrition and physical activity for children 0-5 years, improvements to the built environment, increased access to healthy foods, and an overall health promotion campaign.