The website is a data portal with current and historic demographic and economic data at various geographic levels for the five-county Bi-State Region, and the states of Illinois and Iowa.  Here you’ll find statistical information about our five-county region as a whole, or learn about individual cities or counties within our Region. offers several levels of data reports including the following:

  • Demographic, household, and population trends
  • Market and business information, including educational attainment and labor force trends
  • Transportation data on household mobility, vehicle availability, and freight trends
  • And much more, with new data and topics updated annually

Data can be retrieved through a simple dashboard interface with over a dozen existing reports or a “create new report” function.  Selectable tiles in the “Existing Reports” section provide an efficient, pre-set view of many different locations, with a built-in ability to adjust variables to benchmark peers and progress, whereas the “Create a New Report” allows users to build a report under broad topic areas including “demographic data, social data, economic data, or housing data.” The website also contains links to important resources, located in the “Downloads” section, which contains published documents (such as region laborshed studies) and in the “Links to Additional Resources” section, which contains links to other helpful organizations.

For more information on the Data Portal and other information services provided by the Bi-State Regional Commission, contact Mike Saponaro at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.