Region 9 Project Selection
The Region 9 area (Muscatine County and rural Scott County, Iowa) receives certain federal transportation funds to prioritize and locally select projects for those funds.  This is known as the project selection and programming processes.  The Region 9 Transportation Policy Committee approves project programming for these particular funds.  Examples include Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBG), and Transportation Alternatives (TA) Set-Aside funding.  The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) outlines various funding sources and how those funds are programmed.  Cross-reference the Region 9 TIP page for more information.

Federal Highway Administration Funds.  Bi-State Regional Commission staff, in cooperation with the Region 9 Technical Committee, have developed two manuals to outline the project selection and programming process for STBG and TA Set-Aside funds.  STBG funds have typically been used to fund road improvements but allow for transit and trails improvements.  Transportation Alternatives (TA) Set-Aside funds have typically been used on bicycle trails but allow for sidewalk improvements, safe routes to schools pedestrian improvements, and other related projects.  The manuals detail program eligibility, application information, selection process, and evaluation criteria.

2019 STBG and TA Set-Aside Request for Projects Memo
pdf Region 9 STBG and TA Set Aside 2019 Call for Projects Memo (274 KB)
Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) - Iowa Federal-Aid Swap Program Guidance Manual - Adopted December 2018
pdf Region 9 STBG Manual 2018 - Final (1.28 MB)
pdf Region 9 STBG Application Form (192 KB)
Transportation Alternatives (TA) Set-Aside Program Evaluation Manual - Adopted September 2014, Administrative updates made April 2019
pdf 2019 Region 9 Transportation Alternative (TA) Set Aside Program Manual (680 KB)

As federal funds, approved projects are required to be amended into an annual element of the current TIP and follow the federal project development process in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Transportation to move a project from programmed to implementation.  Projects that are exchanged under the Iowa Swap Policy are still required to be included in the TIP.  The STBG evaluation manual outlines other Swap requirements as applicable.

Region 2.  The Region 2 Area, representing the geographic area of rural Rock Island County and Henry, Mercer, and Whiteside Counties of Illinois, does not have the same programming processes as Iowa Region 9.