Public Participation in Transportation Planning

Bi-State Regional Commission is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO).  The Commission and its assigned staff are responsible for ensuring that there are opportunities for the public, including interested parties, to participate and have input in key decision points related to transportation planning, programming of transportation funds, and project development.

Key transportation documents produced for the Quad Cities Metropolitan Area (MPA) and Region 9 include the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and the Transportation Improvement Program.  Regional documents for both geographic areas include the Bi-State Regional Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Architecture, Bi-State Region Transit Development Plan, and Title VI Program and Non-Discrimination Policy.

A Transportation Planning Work Program (TPWP) is developed as a plan for work for the Commission staff utilizing the transportation planning funds.  The TPWP provides background on transportation planning and activities related to public participation for the current fiscal year.  The TPWP also explains public participation in planning and programming, as well as the technical and advisory committees and delegated authority groups associated with transportation planning in the MPA and Region 9.

The Public Participation Plans for the MPA and Region 9 are included in key transportation documents as part of appendices to assure that the participation process is clearly communicated with each planning effort.

Quad Cities, Iowa-Illinois Public Participation Plan 2019
pdf QCMPO Public Participation Plan 2019 (292 KB)

Region 9 Iowa Transportation Planning Area Public Participation Plan 2019
pdf Region 9 Public Participation Plan 2019 (291 KB)

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