Mission Statement
To serve as a forum for intergovernmental cooperation and delivery of regional programs and to assist member local governments in planning and project development.

The Bi-State Regional Commission is:
A local, voluntary organization of five counties and 47 municipalities.

The Bi-State Regional Commission is Not:
Another layer or higher authority of government; nor is Bi-State created, controlled or maintained by the federal or state governments.

The Beginning
The Bi-State Metropolitan Planning Commission was created in 1966 through the merger of the Scott County (IA) Metropolitan Planning Commission and the Rock Island County (IL) Regional Planning Commission. This merger took place, in part, in response to the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1962 which required transportation planning in metropolitan areas to be done cooperatively. In 1974, the Henry County (IL) Regional Planning Commission merged with Bi-State, at the urging of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Henry County's status as part of the three county Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), as defined by the Census Bureau. Then in 1976, Mercer County (IL) and Muscatine County (IA) joined Bi-State.

Authority Granted:
County Boards, city councils and village boards enter into an agreement designating Bi-State as the regional planning commission by virtue of the powers granted to them by Chapter 50, Act 15/0.01 et seq., Chapter 55, ILCS 5/5-14001 et seq., Illinois Compiled Statues, 1992; and Chapters 28E, 28H and 28I, Code of Iowa, 1993.

Local Governments Share the Cost:

Member counties and cities over 5,000 population pay dues prorated, based on their total population ranging from $2,917 to $77,355. Smaller cities and villages pay a flat rate of approximately $1,102. Total annual dues of approximately $393,000 help bring in nearly $740,000 in federal and state funds which, with contractual services, provide for a $2 million budget in FY 2017.

pdf FY2024 BSRC Budget Plan (2.51 MB)

pdf Bi-State Articles of Agreement, March 27, 2024 (127 KB)

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