The Bi-State Regional Commission manages three different loan programs for the Region - the Bi-State Revolving Loan Fund (RLF), the Mercer-Muscatine County RLF, and the CARES Act RLF. The funds were initially capitalized by the federal Economic Development Adminstration (EDA). The focus of all of the RLFs is the retention and/or creation of jobs. Better paying jobs with benefits allow for more loan funds borrowed per job as shown below:

Average Wage Rate:                                                                               Created/Retained FTE:

110 % County Average Wage Rate                                                       $20,000

100 % County Average Wage Rate                                                       $15,000

90   % County Average Wage Rate                                                       $10,000

80   % County Average Wage Rate                                                       $  7,500

The average county wages are determined by referencing average wages according to state economic development resources. 

The loan term is based on the type of project and risk.  Ten years is the maximum loan term and four years is the minimum.  Loans for working capital will be at a four year term.  Loans for manufacturing and white collar projects are typically considered lower risk and higher risk projects are those such as restaurants and personal services such as barbers, salons and beauticians. The lowest interest rate that could be offered is 75% of prime or 4% minus prime whichever is lower.

For all loans, demonstration of borrower equity in the project is required and cash equity will result in a better interest rate offered.  Collateral and personal guarantees are required for all loans. It is preferred that RLF funds be utilized to buy equipment and the RLF collateral would be on that equipment. Construction or renovation of a business is not funded because Davis Bacon and National Environmental Protection Act requirements would then apply due to the federal nature of these funds. EDA will not allow RLF funs to be used for housing projects.

The economic development contacts for the jurisdictions in the loan service area are noted below.  The support of the jurisdiction where the project is located is required. Henry County Illinois manages their own revolving loan program and the contact is the Economic Development Director of Henry County, Jim Kelly at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (309) 937-3410.

City of Aledo City Administrator (309) 582-7241
City of Bettendorf Community Development Director (563) 344-4060
City of Davenport Community Development Director (563) 326-7765
City of East Moline City Administrator (309) 752-1513
City of Eldridge City Administrator (563) 285-3911
Village of Milan Village Administrator (309) 787-8507
City of Moline RLF Administrator (309) 524-2035
City of Muscatine Community Development Director (563) 262-4141
Muscatine County Planning & Zoning Administrator (563) 326-8643
City of Rock Island Community & Economic Development Director (309) 793-2920
City of Silvis City Administrator (309) 792-9181
Scott County Planning & Development Director (563) 326-8643
City of Wilton Economic Development Coordinator (563) 732-5002
All Other Communities Bi-State Regional Commission (309) 793-6300