For non-members (businesses, not-for-profits, and other organizations), we offer an Information Services Membership (ISM) Program for these organizations to gain access to Bi-State’s data and mapping services.

Bi-State is a council of local governments that works to facilitate intergovernmental cooperation and delivery of regional programs, planning and project development.  Bi-State serves the geographic area covered by Henry, Mercer, and Rock Island Counties in western Illinois and Muscatine and Scott Counties in eastern Iowa. Through the Information Services Membership (ISM) Program, we are able to provide many of the professional data and mapping services enjoyed by our member governments to businesses, not-for-profits, and other organizations.  Annual cost for membership is $300 for businesses and $250 for not-for-profits.

Joining the ISM program entitles your organization to many discounts and benefits, including:

Top Response

  • Top priority response to data requests and other projects; however, member governments are always our top priority

Priority Access to Datasets and Tools

  • ISM subscribers enjoy top priority access to thousands of datasets and the wealth of knowledge and expertise by Data Services Staff.  In addition to a myriad of public domain and government-produced data, the Bi-State also offers the following third party datasets and tools:
  • Esri Community Analyst

Community Analyst is a Web-based system that allows users to view and analyze demographic, public, and third-party sources of data to better understand the overall community in question and make better policy decisions.  By using the thousands of variables available in Community Analyst, users can analyze specific locations, geographic areas, or custom regions created on the map, then relay critical information and analyses to others via maps and reports.  Esri's business, consumer spending, and demographic data encompasses a wide variety of datasets that are updated quarterly, semiannually, annually, and decennially in the case of U.S. Census data.  Esri provides current-year and five-year projections of demographic data.  Several public sources of data are included in Community Analyst as well.

  • Chmura JobsEQ
    Chmura JobsEQ is an economic development tool used for the reporting, visualization, and analysis of demographic and industry data.  JobsEQ contains historical, current, and projected data on labor markets, wages, occupation trends, workforce characteristics, and demographic profiles for all counties and communities in a 75 miles radius around the Quad Cities Region, and JobsEQ also provides state and national data for peer comparisons and benchmarking.  Another useful feature of JobsEQ is the economic impact tool, which is used to determine the ripple effect of change in a region by adding or removing jobs, earnings, or sales in an industry.
  • Infogroup ReferenceUSA Gov

Staff enjoys access to this web-based database of over 24 million businesses.  Data can be searched by company name, employee size, business type, sales volume, year established, etc.  Corporate family trees are also included.  Staff uses ReferenceUSA Gov to develop Top Employer lists for the region.


Discounts on Services

  • Up to 20 hours of staff research time per year, included in membership
  • “At cost” research beyond the allotted 20 research hours per year
  • “At cost” fees for mapping services.  Costs vary by project/request.


Discounts on Publications and Maps

  • 20% discount off all maps, publications, and other documents produced by Bi-State Regional Commission
  • Complimentary Publications **

o    The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the Bi-State Region (CEDS) - a compilation of the region’s economic conditions ($25 value)
o    Public Officials Directory
o    One 51” X 42” Quad City Area Street Map ($25 value)
o    Fact Sheets for the Quad City Metro Area; Muscatine, Henry and Mercer Counties
o    One each: Illinois/Iowa Highway Maps
o    Quad Cities Metro Area Daly Traffic Count Maps

** ISM members will receive one free copy of any of these items that are updated within the ISM subscriber’s one-year membership period.  All membership periods begin upon receipt of payment and expire one year from that date.

How to Join

To learn more about the ISM program or to request your ISM enrollment forms, contact our Data Services Planner.

Recent Information Services Members

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