It has just been announced that the Census self-response and field data collection (enumeration) will end on September 30, 2020, one month early. On August 3, 2020 the U.S. Census Bureau announced updates to their plans including the hiring of more employees to fast-track the completion of data collection and apportionment counts by the statutory deadline of December 31, 2020 and directed by the Secretary of Commerce.

Part of the revised plan involves additional training sessions and awards to enumerators in recognition of those who maximize hours worked. Phone and tablet computer devices for enumeration will be in use for the maximum time possible but field data collection will end by September 30, 2020 AND self-response options will also close on that date to permit data processing. The Census Bureau hopes to meet a comparable level of household responses as collected in prior censuses, including outreach to hard-to-count communities. For data processing, the Census Bureau will review responses for completeness and accuracy and prioritize apportionment counts to meet the statutory deadline with a plan to increase staff to ensure operations are at full capacity.

For local governments with Census tracts that have self-response rates below the national average, it is doubly important to encourage residents to complete the Census. You may go to the Census Self-Response Mapper https://2020census.gov/en/response-rates.html, which shows the tally of those who have self- responded. You may select the state then the county or municipality.

To complete your 2020 Census online, please visit: https://2020census.gov/