Bi-State Regional Commission is the one-stop center for data and information services in the Bi-State region (Henry, Mercer and Rock Island Counties in Illinois, and Muscatine and Scott Counties in Iowa). Staff compiles a vast array of up-to-date information related to the five-county region and the states of Illinois and Iowa. The Data Center is a federal repository for census documents and publications. A large store of information describing the socioeconomic characteristics of the Region (or any part within) is maintained.

Post Census Correction

Post Census Corrections to the 1990 and 2000 Censuses are available for selected geographies in the Bi-State Region. Click on the PDF below to view an explanation of Post Census Corrections and a table with corrected counts for these geographies.

Bi-State Regional Commission Census Data Policy: Bi-State Regional Commission will attempt to issue corrected Census Counts for geographies in the Bi-State Region, for which these numbers are applicable. Otherwise, Bi-State Regional Commission will issue base data from the decennial censuses.

pdf  1990-and-2000-pos-cen-cor.pdf (207.68 kB)


Demographic Profile Search

Demographic profiles containing social, economic and housing characteristics. Data is available for State, counties, cities, villages, township's and Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA's). To obtain data for a specific area, you will select the state, type in the desired location and select "GO". This information does not include Post Census Corrections.

Search For Census Data By Street Address

Enter your address and view the census data in your neighborhood. This information does not include Post Census Corrections.

2010 Census Demographic Profile Summary

1990 - 2000 Housing Unit Count And Population

pdf  1990-2000-hou-pop.pdf (24.66 kB)
Table with population, housing units and percent change from 1990 and 2000 Censuses. Includes counties, cities, villages, Quad Cities MSA, and the Bi-State Region. This document does not include Post Census Corrections.

1990 & 2000 General Demographic Characteristic Profiles

United States Census 2000

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