Bi-State Regional Commission under its transportation planning role completed the first Bi-State Region Freight Plan in September 2015.  The regional transportation network moves people as well as goods and services.  The Freight Plan looks at the different modes used to move freight – air, water and surface transportation via roads and rail, and offers recommendations for improvements of the system.  The plan compliments the then state freight plans and provides regional goals and objectives to address the economy and demand, safety, mobility and access, asset conditions and impacts on the environment and those living near freight facilities.

An addendum for the plan was completed in March 2024 to revisit the data in the 2015 plan. The update refined goals, objectives and indicators as well as cross-referenced state plan updates. Data collection will inform the degree the system needs are being met and whether there are any new or revised recommendations the region may consider for the future as part of long range planning. The final report is posted to this page.